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Traulsen Expands Centerline Product Line with New Blast Chillers


FORT WORTH, TEXAS—Centerline by Traulsen just announced the expansion of its Centerline by Traulsen product offering with new Reach-In and Undercounter Blast Chillers. These affordable Blast Chillers offer a quick and easy way of cooling hot food without compromising food safety or freshness, making them an invaluable asset for any kitchen operation.

The Centerline by Traulsen Blast Chillers are designed to provide safe and consistent blast chilling in a simple system that provides operators with reliable performance at an affordable price. The chillers help optimize kitchen workflow, saving time and minimizing food waste while still serving food of the highest quality.

“Through our continued partnerships with our customers, we are committed to creating the best value and quality for cost-conscious operators,” said Traulsen Director of Marketing Laura Gutkowski. “We worked closely with our customers to understand the features most critical to them. The new Centerline by Traulsen Blast Chillers are a fantastic way to optimize kitchen workflow while saving time and money.”

Fresh Food Out Faster

Customers who have been testing the product have been thrilled with the performance. “Since the Centerline Blast Chiller came into our kitchen, it’s enabled us to get fresh food out faster into our market’s display cases,” said Carrie Walters, Corporate Chef and Culinary Director at Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton, Ohio, and long-time Traulsen customer.

Available in reach-in, undercounter and undercounter with a worktop, these self-contained blast chiller units are designed with features that are simple-to-use and require minimal staff training. Features include stay-open/self-closing doors and an easy-to-use digital control. The units offer durable construction with stainless steel front, sides, door, and interior. These blast chillers provide operators with two chill mode options to suit different menu needs with soft and hard chill functions available by time or temperature. A single food probe is also included for accurate internal temperature readings.

Soft Chill

A gentle chilling process designed for delicate applications such as refreshing ready-to-eat foods or chilling foods with high water content to preserve the integrity and flavor of the food.

Hard Chill

Suited for denser foods, the hard chill cycle uses advanced cold air circulation to quickly remove heat from the food product so that product safely chills without losing quality.

Centerline blast chillers provide quick cooling performance while safely chilling hot food through the temperature danger zone (between 135ºF to 40ºF) to ensure HACCP compliance.

To learn more about Centerline by Traulsen, visit www.centerlinefoodequipment.com or www.traulsen.com.