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Tai Ping Achieves NSF 140 Gold, Platinum Certifications


NEW YORK—Tai Ping, a multinational manufacturer of woven Axminster carpet and carpet tiles, announced that it has received the highest ratings from NSF 140. The first multi-attribute American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved measure for environmentally preferable materials in the building industry; NSF 140 is the only recognized trademark in the industry with respect to environmental responsibility. Tai Ping continues to work closely with NSF as part of its global sustainability initiative, Tai Ping Toward Sustainability.

Last year, Tai Ping’s woven Axminster became the very first wool carpet to achieve Silver certification. This year, the company excelled further, garnering Gold and Platinum ratings, the highest awarded by the organization. Here’s how Tai Ping met the 2011 standards:

• Tai Ping’s wool-based Axminster Carpet Tile with Premise backing is certified at the Platinum level. Tai Ping is the first and only Axminster carpet tile accredited at the Platinum level, and among a selected few with Platinum status.
• Tai Ping’s wool-based broadloom carpet, Axminster and machine-tufted, are certified at the Gold level.
• Tai Ping’s Contract machine tufted 100 percent wool carpet tile is being prepared to secure a certification at the Gold or Platinum level. Currently this product is certified at the Silver level.

NSF standards and ratings result from the most rigorous and comprehensive manufacturing processes. Using the triple bottom line as a guideline, accountability ranges from energy efficiency and the use of bio-based and recycled content to end-of-life product management and broad public health concerns.

“Tai Ping has made a concerted effort to prioritize sustainable practices, and these ratings demonstrate our commitment to sustainability,” said Mark Worgan, senior vice president of Global Operations. “We aspire to lead the carpet industry in sound environmental practices.”

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