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Surfacide Debuts Eos UV Disinfection Device


WAUKESHA, WIS.—Surfacide, a global leader in UV-C technology, announced Eos—a portable, hospital-grade UV light disinfection device for high-traffic, everyday spaces such as schools, offices, gyms, hotels and restaurants. Designed and engineered to deliver powerful disinfection at an affordable price, Eos is an easy-to-use, standalone alternative to Surfacide’s hallmark product, The Helios System, a trio of UV robots used simultaneously to fight deadly pathogens in leading hospitals and healthcare facilities.

For just under $20 per day, Eos delivers Surfacide’s trusted, hospital-grade UV technology in a cost-effective package to facility managers and building owners in a range of different industries. Unlike many other UV devices on the market that claim to provide comparable disinfection, Surfacide products are scientifically proven to rapidly decontaminate colonized surfaces and air within minutes.

Anyone can operate Eos, as it doesn’t require prior specialized training to use. At 71” tall, Eos is an easily manageable, compact device on wheels that delivers floor to ceiling, 360º UV light disinfection and effortlessly moves from one environment to the next. To run Eos, simply wheel the device into the desired area, leave the room and start the disinfection cycle via Eos’ wireless tablet. When a cycle is complete, the device will send an alert to the Eos tablet. The Eos app is cloud connected via WIFI which allows for access to real-time data and instant, actionable reporting to help drive outcomes and utilization.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Surfacide has seen a 500 percent increase in demand for their products and the need to develop a more accessible device for everyday spaces. People want to feel safe going back to the office, eating out at restaurants, as well as attending sporting events and concerts. There is a reason organizations like the Boston Red Sox and the Seattle Space Needle choose Surfacide UV technology to help in fighting the invisible enemy of COVID and SARS CoV-2.

“We are excited to make our world-class technology accessible to everyday places,” said Surfacide Founder and CEO Gunner Lyslo. “Surfacide is rooted in a decade of expertise in healthcare and has provided our technology in more than 500 healthcare facilities throughout the world. Eos leverages all our knowledge to bring a simplified UV device to market for everyday use at a price that small business owners and corporations can afford. We’re proud to help bring peace of mind to people as we continue to navigate our new normal.”