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Saving water and energy is important—but not at the expense of a guest’s comfort and relaxation. Solution: Award winning High Sierra Shower Heads. Provide a delightful shower experience at flow rates of just 1.5 or 1.8 GPM. The patented nozzle design transforms a low volume stream of water into a full and massaging spray of large droplets. The coarse and heavy droplets are what makes the spray feel like more water. Best of all, hard water will never clog the orifice. They are made in the U.S.A. from solid metal and well suited to shower-over-bath and shower stall installations with many styles and finishes to choose from. All High Sierra models are WaterSense certified and listed on the CEC database of approved shower heads. Call (888) 445-1941 for more information. Also be sure to check out this video.



At Speakman, we’ve always had an appreciation for conservation. A collective passion to engineer high-performing fixtures that deliver water responsibly. And in 2018, we’re doing even more for our environment. This year, we’ve completely re-engineered our line of fixed and hand-held showerheads to feature lower, more efficient flow rates. Our team of engineers obsessed over the tiniest details. From thermal retention to spray velocity—we’ve designed a substantial assortment of eco-friendly products that save water without sacrificing an ounce of performance. For additional information, call (800) 537-2107 and view our videos here.