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Sealed Air Publishes Annual Sustainability Report


CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Sealed Air Corp. announced the publishing of its annual Sustainability Report. This year’s report chronicles the company’s journey to achieve its 2020 Sustainability Goals, and provides data showing progress in the year 2015.

Sealed Air’s 2020 Sustainability Goals, announced last June, outline the company’s commitment to reduce the overall impact of its operations, including waste, water, energy, and greenhouse gas intensity reduction goals. In addition, Sealed Air committed to products and solutions goals which include an ethical supply chain standard, responsible materials standards, and product development processes which will ensure new products are vetted for both sustainability improvements and quantifiable benefits for customers.

Finally, the company has committed to also leave a positive impact on the communities in which it operates by working to improve food security and healthy environments, champion resource conservation and improve livelihoods in local communities near its operations. This year’s report showcases the work done thus far to achieve progress toward the 2020 Sustainability Goals, and provides a look at the data behind the progress toward the company’s operational goals.

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