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Anthros Office Chair Launches, Promises Improved Posture


NATIONAL REPORT—The Anthros chair has launched. Anthros is a science-backed ergonomic chair designed to be the most comfortable chair on the planet while also guaranteeing improved posture, pain prevention and elimination, and maximized productivity. The chair is made in the USA and fully in production.

Anthros knows sitting better than 99.99 percent of the planet because of their background. Core members of Anthros spent decades working with wheelchair users (the most complex sitters on the planet) who either thrive or suffer according to the slightest modifications in their seating. Leveraging this singular edge and rich experience, they developed a science-backed, evidence-based, research-focused design for an office chair. Four years of collaboration with world class designers and engineers brought industry-changing concepts into reality, and the Anthros chair was born. The result is a drastic evolutionary step for the office chair which Anthros believes to be an important element to improve users’ overall health and wellbeing.

Designers of the Anthros chair say it can lead to better health, wellness, and productivity. Research shows that poor posture is associated with chronic pain, fatigue, injury, depression, poor vision, poor digestion, poor circulation, dysfunctional breathing, and even shortened life expectancy. On the contrary, good posture is highly correlated to confidence, success, and longevity.