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ScentAir Inks Deal with Omni Hotels


CHARLOTTE, N.C.—ScentAir, a leading provider of scent branding solutions for retailers and brand marketers, has signed a nationwide agreement with Omni Hotels to incorporate ScentAir’s scent machines and a signature fragrance into each of the luxury hotel brand’s properties.

ScentAir, with distribution partner Muzak LLC, signed the agreement. Muzak, a music and audio messaging provider, is distributing ScentAir’s scents and scent machines in conjunction with its music service as a way to complete the sensory branding experience for its clients.

Omni Hotels has been crafting its own experience for customers for years. The company chose a fragrance with elements of lemongrass and green tea as its signature fragrance and will be incorporating the scent into each of its 40 hotels and resorts.

“Our approach focuses on using all five senses to create compelling,

memorable experiences for our guests,” says Omni’s Stephen Rosenstock, senior vice president of brand standards and business development. “From the moment our guests arrive, we surround them with a blending of scents, sounds and sights as well as textures and tastes. The fragrances we’ve developed with ScentAir complement the music, lighting, room design and restaurants found at every Omni Hotels location.”

“We’re extremely pleased to add Omni Hotels to the growing list of clients that have discovered the role that scent can play in creating unique, inviting encounters with customers,” says David Van Epps, ScentAir’s president and c.e.o. “We’ve seen tremendous interest from the hospitality industry and expect this trend to continue. With our distribution partner Muzak, Scentair is helping clients like Omni Hotels take advantage of the underutilized, yet extremely powerful concept of multisensory branding.”

For additional information, go to www.scentair.com.