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Since 1992, Quipworks has provided specialized food and waste reduction equipment to the restaurant and hospitality industries. But our focus on products that promote sustainability is a recent milestone, as we feel it is the right time and place to impact this market. From our U.S. distribution program for Expelco’s glass bottle elimination system, to our upcoming Wastesafe service program to reduce small and medium size property’s overall waste costs, we are committed to this mission of sustainable programs for properties throughout the U.S. and Caribbean regions.


Our GLSand units eliminate beer, wine, and liquor bottle waste by grinding it into a reusable sand, which is then filtered through a second machine into grades usable to reduce property costs—and reducing their carbon footprint in a tangible way. By using the waste sand for pool filtration, pavement patching, sand trap sand (where golf courses are involved), or soil aeration media, we have eliminated the need to purchase these products—while removing the vehicle fossil fuel and greenhouse gas creation from waste hauling or deliveries. The GLSand even grinds up oyster shells into meal, which can be used for bocce ball courts or fertilizer. These units are cost effective, and together take up 8′ x 6′ of total space.

Promoting sustainability to your guests is a key issue today, and we are gratified by the response our customers receive when they tell them about these initiatives. Millennial guests especially like the eco-friendly image they create and tell the operators as much.

Contact Fred Phillips at (888) 575-7847 or by e-mail at fred@quipworks.com.