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pragmatech_logoPragmaTech Waste Solutions is shaking up the waste management industry with market leading innovations and services. Thanks to the power of the “Internet of Things”, PragmaTech has developed tools to combine its expertise in solid waste equipment with an advanced ERP/CRM platform called Pandora Intelligent Networks®.

Customers experience:

•    Significantly improved waste management, recycling, and sustainability achievements; and
•    Improved asset management results from our ability to collect and analyze data generated from your waste equipment.

PragmaTech’s fullness monitoring capabilities typically result in 30%-50% savings off your total waste haulage bill. The data collected uniquely positions us to offer preventative maintenance services while reducing unnecessary and costly service calls. Our asset management service tracks the health of your equipment, collects data that allows for lifecycle planning, maximizing up-time, cross-location comparisons, etc. Not only can we lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) on your waste equipment, but our ability for data capture can prove invaluable as companies start considering the possibilities around carbon credits.

Historically, a lack of accurate information around human error, hauler damage, and natural wear on equipment made it impossible to quantify the unnecessary expenses a company incurred. Today, PragmaTech’s diagnostic and monitoring solutions assist you in meeting your corporate diversion and sustainability targets by bringing you automation, transparency, accountability and business intelligence.

PragmaTech currently has over 3,300 Pandora remote monitoring systems installed throughout North America. Customers include some of the world’s largest retailers, waste consultants, hotel operators, mall owners, and grocery chains. This year we are on pace to manage well over 2.5 million tons of waste for our customers. For more information contact Gabe Vinizki at (647) 453-0351, or by e-mail at gabev@pragmatechltd.com. You may also visit http://www.pragmatechltd.com.