Home Air Quality PlasmaGuard Provides Solution to Destroy Airborne & Surface Pathogens

PlasmaGuard Provides Solution to Destroy Airborne & Surface Pathogens


ANN ARBOR, MICH.—PlasmaGuard, LLC introduces two NEW “indoor air purification and pathogen destruction systems”—PlasmaGuard PRO and PlasmaGuard ELITE. These commercial strength patented UL rated technologies are the “best available” solutions to destroy 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, mold/fungi, allergens, asthma triggers, VOCs, odors and more, within any occupied environment on the market today.

Awakened by the Coronavirus pandemic, we understand human health can quickly be affected negatively by airborne pathogens; 1) through the recirculation of harmful polluted air; 2) through harmful surface contamination; and 3) through human-to-human contact and interaction. PlasmaGuard has the best-proven technology to tackle two of these three ways our health can be compromised.

Today, many facilities use highly ineffective simple dust filters, UV lighting, or weak ionizers. They’ve shown little evidence in providing safety from harmful airborne pathogens distributed through building HVAC systems. PlasmaGuard offers an entire line of unique products to handle these pathogens and indoor air pollution better than all others, both within the duct system, and more importantly, inside occupied spaces.

“With businesses and industries on the brink of bankruptcy, PlasmaGuard introduces a unique, scientifically proven, in-duct Non-Thermal Cold Plasma (NTCP) technology that is industrial strength, low cost, and safely provides protection to employees and patrons while instilling confidence to gather again in crowded places,” said Dean Rose, CEO of PlasmaGuard, LLC. “Where competitors use low energy, create dangerous ozone, or take hours to begin to make a difference, PlasmaGuard gets the job done within minutes and keeps the occupied space active and ready.”

Live 24/7 Monitoring

Adjustable from any device, PlasmaGuard PRO systems provide in-room sensors for live 24/7 monitoring. Single units cover facilities up to 3,000 sq. ft., while combined multiple units are installed for larger venues. Delivering an overabundance of activated natural oxygen ions through the air ducts and into rooms, PlasmaGuard PRO’s highly ionized air immediately begins to clean and destroy harmful pathogens when someone sneezes or coughs. Virtually every air duct register now becomes an air and surface purification system.

For larger and specialized environments like skyscrapers, hotels, factories, arenas/stadiums or mass transit locations, the upgraded PlasmaGuard ELITE system applies the same NTCP technology. Where competitive technologies fall short in attempting to clean the air through multiple passes, PlasmaGuard ELITE safely uses up to 60,000 volts to effectively eliminate 99.9 percent of harmful airborne pollutants on the “First Pass.” This maintenance-free self-cleaning system delivers clean, constant, pathogen-free air instantaneously.

The PlasmaGuard NTCP technology is the best available “clean air building” solution for any company trying to reopen its businesses again—permanently. PlasmaGuard is now signing up new Dealers/HVAC Service companies to handle the overwhelming installation demand from homes to commercial and industrial facilities.