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usanatural33Planglow USA supplies a range of branded eco food boxes, cups and containers for “grab & go” markets. Along with unique labels and proprietary labeling software “LabelLogic” and “NutriLogic”, clients can personalize their branded product identity.

Founded in the UK, Planglow has been supporting foodservice operators around the globe for more than 25 years. Our commitment is the improvement of product presentation through brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Innovation is the heart of our business. Performance, sustainability, appearance and competitive pricing are always top of the agenda. In 2012 we introduced a plant-based bio laminate to many of our food containers—the latest development in the ongoing evolution of our products. We are the only company to offer items lined with this marvelous material which enhances overall performance by extending the shelf life of sandwiches and wraps. This laminate is fully certified to the American ASTM D6400 standard for compostable packaging and is also certified as home compostable.

Planglow is proud to be a founding sponsor of Green Lodging News—our dedicated sales force and customer development team are available to advise on the best products and services for your lodging requirements. Call Rick Nelson, Director of Product Development, at (800) 774-0536, e-mail rick@planglow-usa.com, or visit www.planglow-usa.com for full details.