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OBJECT CARPET Using 100 Percent Recycled Polyester in Outdoor Carpet


DENKENDORF, GERMANY—OBJECT CARPET, a company known for cutting-edge research and innovation, has developed a completely new yarn for its very first outdoor carpet. The pile material is 100 percent recycled polyester from industrial and consumer waste. The traditional craft of delicately spinning different yarns transforms the materials in MEDITERRANEO into a contemporary texture. This special treatment and production process gives the carpet collection its unexpected note: Despite its robust and natural appearance that is reminiscent of rattan, the carpet is surprisingly smooth. It becomes distinctly soft with a sensual feel, conveying the lightness of the Mediterranean.

The MEDITERRANEO collection includes a variety of 12 designs with four different weave patterns (MILO, RODI, MENORCA and CAPRI) in three different shades (TALCO, SABBIA and VULCANO) that reflect an authentic, natural color palette. As a wall-to-wall-solution or a standalone carpet (RUGX), it offers many options for in- and outdoor locations. The design by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez embodies a sense of effortless yet refined Mediterranean charm.

The natural character of the collection is emphasized by the unique Natural Border. It gets its special touch through a new type of edging. The sewn edges with open yarn ends reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle and is a feature that meets even robust outdoor requirements. Besides the natural border, MEDITERRANEO carpets are also available in Textile Border. It frames the RUGX with an exclusive textile band, specially made from the same yarn.

Can Easily Withstand Outdoor Conditions

The resilient carpet is the perfect solution for both private and public areas: It is easy to clean, dries quickly and is water- and UV-resistant so it can easily withstand outdoor conditions.

“This fully recyclable collection relieves nature by enabling countless lifecycles. We wanted to highlight the materiality, the feel, and the natural aesthetics with their differentiated color tones. The result is a collection that communicates a Mediterranean heritage look, that is very robust and weather-resistant and that can be used flexibly both indoors and outdoors,” explains Designer Antonio Rodriguez.

Matteo Thun emphasizes: “As architects, we were waiting to develop a waste-free and entirely recyclable carpet collection that can also be used outside. The result is a beautifully textured and conscious material that belies its humble origins.”

About the Manufacturing & Recycling Process

The processing of waste into the recyclable MEDITERRANEO collection uses a multi-step approach in which collected, sorted, and cleaned waste is turned into polyester chips. They are then converted into filament fibers from which the carpet is made. Compared to the production of carpet from new polyester, this sustainable manufacturing process significantly avoids CO2 emissions. And after its use, MEDITERRANEO can be recycled again and again countless times.