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OBJECT CARPET GmbH Mourns Death of Its Founder, Roland Butz

Roland Butz

DENKENDORF, GERMANY—Roland Butz founded the company OBJECT CARPET in 1972 and left his mark on the carpet industry with his passion for design and quality. He recognized early on the potential of carpet as an aesthetic and functional element in architecture, especially in interiors such as hotels and offices. His distinctive flair for color design and innovation set new standards in the industry and established OBJECT CARPET as a premium brand on an international level.

He had a particular passion for artistic product photography. He presented carpet not only as a functional element but also as an art object, differentiating OBJECT CARPET from other suppliers and firmly anchoring the brand in the world of architecture and design.

“Roland Butz was not only an entrepreneur but also a visionary. His passion and commitment to quality and design made OBJECT CARPET what it is today. His passing leaves a void that cannot be filled. We are losing a pioneer, a mentor, and an esteemed entrepreneur,” says Daniel Butz, CEO of OBJECT CARPET.