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New Amenity Type is Single Use, Powder Based, in Compostable Containers


LOS ANGELES—A new single use, zero plastic, powder-based amenity collection is providing hoteliers with a groundbreaking way to deliver shampoo, conditioner and body wash to guests with a lighter carbon footprint than traditional single portion plastic bottles. This new Eco Pod collection from Hotel Emporium also provides an eco-friendly and sustainable option for those not wanting to transition to refillable or non-refillable dispensers. The Eco Pod collection comes in compostable containers made from 60 percent bamboo fiber, 30 percent sugarcane, and 10 percent wood fiber. According to Hotel Emporium, each container provides up to four uses.

Andy De Silva, Vice President and Co-founder of Hotel Emporium, says the Eco Pod collection was developed last year but it took time to get the packaging right. “It was a personal challenge of mine to find an alternative packaging material, which led our company on a quest for an innovative solution,” De Silva Says. “The reaction has been amazing. We are getting inquiries daily.”

Legislation Bans Single-Use Plastic Amenity Bottles

De Silva says moves such as California’s decision to ban single-use plastic amenity bottles helped drive the innovation behind the Eco Pod collection.

“It has been a team effort inspired by unique natural packaging of a tea product we found, which sparked our idea for a fully biodegradable and compostable container to deliver our powder formulas for bath amenities” De Silva says.

Jennifer Bojovic, VP of National Accounts for Hotel Emporium, says her company provides educational material on the new product line for customers as well as guests. “We are helping them understand how the product works for an easy transition with our green solution,” she says.

As it rolls out its Eco Pod collection, Hotel Emporium will continue to offer its customers products and dispensers it has traditionally offered including their classic Terra Green collection. Terra Green utilizes soy-based ink printing and all soaps are packaged with recycled paper.

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