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New Alliance Forms to Advance Women Leaders in Hospitality Industry

Rachel Humphrey

NATIONAL REPORT—For every 10 hotel executives who are men, there is one woman executive. A new coalition aims to change that.

Nineteen organizations have teamed up to form the Women in Hospitality Leadership Alliance to advance women leaders in the hospitality industry. The individual organizations will continue to work independently and will amplify their programs, messaging, and initiatives through the alliance.

Hotel industry veteran Rachel Humphrey, who leads the alliance, says: “By collaborating, we’re able to advance all these efforts, which will move the needle farther and faster for our industry. At a time when human resources and financial resources are at a premium, it is great to see these groups getting together and sharing with one another in an effort to maximize the impact of each and collectively of all.”

Conversations Began Last November

The alliance began conversations in November 2021 and met in person at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit, a subsidiary of PhocusWire parent company Northstar Travel Group, in January 2022. The group has connected regularly since then to share participants’ goals, upcoming efforts, educational resources, and event information.

Participating organizations include:

Andrea Foster of Marcus Hotels & Resorts and Talene Staab of Hilton Hotels & Resorts are contributing their guidance.