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National Energy Technologies Opens Online Store


SOUTHAMPTON, PA.—National Energy Technologies LLC, a Philadelphia-based company, recently announced the debut of their online store. According to Scott Milne, president and CEO of National Energy Technologies, “Commercial and residential customers alike are seeking superior conservation solutions that perform more effectively than conventional ideas but prove hard to find and are often misunderstood.”

The site features products that will save fuel, water, and energy. They purify air, laundry, clear allergens and kill bacteria, as well as provide efficient heat. The site was greatly motivated by the owner’s desire to share with the millions of families afflicted by allergies and secondhand smoke that there is a better way.

“Like most families my siblings and mother are like many, suffering and using additional air-conditioning to attempt to clear the air,” Milne says. “What they did not understand and what most people don’t know is that advanced negative ionization does a far superior job removing even the smallest of particles and allergens from the environment with a fraction of the energy used. This product line will also use concentrated oxygen (ozone) to destroy the bacteria that leads to odor. Even my mother after decades of dealing with allergies has finally found a solution to her summertime menace.”
The site will continue to expand and grow with the addition of products designed to pay for themselves quickly. Featured products include: zone heaters, ozone air treatment, laundry ozone equipment, fuel reducing oil additives and water flow management valves.

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