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Narendra Patel Convinces Mayland Group to Build ‘Net Zero’ Hotel


When China’s Mayland Group invited architect Narendra Patel to offer his opinion on the company’s design for the Mayland Seaside Hotel project in Guangzhou, he asked them if they really wanted to hear what he thought. He told them the project needed to be redesigned and that if they were looking for a hotel that would truly become a landmark along the Zhujiang River, he would be happy to come up with a concept. They agreed to work with him and what he and his colleagues at Rancho Mirage, Calif.-based Patel Architecture have come up with is a design that is greener than any other on the planet.

Thanks to wind turbines, a massive array of solar panels and a fuel cell power generator that will run on natural gas, the 26-story, 373-key property will generate at least 50 percent more power than it needs. Wow! Unless another company comes along to develop one in a hurry, the hotel will become the first hotel in the world to be completely carbon neutral without carbon offsets—a “net zero” building.

Those who are familiar with Patel’s work would not be surprised by his vision for this project. His previous and current residential and commercial projects are striking examples of green architecture. He is a strong proponent of “eco-tech,” the combination of technology, material, and engineering.

The target date for the Mayland Hotel opening is 2013. In my conversation with Patel he did not reveal the cost of the project but said that the developers are well-funded, already own the land, and are committed to constructing a landmark building that will do the best job in helping them land the best tenant. The green features are an added cost but those costs will be recoverable over time thanks to negative energy consumption and reduced water usage.

Additional Project Details

Here are some more specific details, as well as some project photos you have got to see:

(Click here for photos.)

• The three 8-meter diameter wind turbines will be located on the upper portion of the hotel and are expected to generate 300 megawatts of electricity per year.

• The entire south façade of the building will be covered with photovoltaic panels. The curtain wall design of the south glass wall will have photovoltaic technology integrated into more than 2,800 square meters of the façade glass. In all, the hotel’s photovoltaic technology will have a 280,000 kWh capacity.

• The fuel cell generator will be located in the basement and will use natural gas to efficiently produce electricity and heat for hot water. There is no combustion involved in this process.

• Extensions of the façades beyond the enclosure of the tower building are trimmed like a sail on a yacht, the fins and sails serving to lessen effects of wind, sun and rain on the façade. They are clad with photovoltaic panels.

• The hotel will be a five-star, luxury property. In addition to its 26 stories above ground, there will be three levels below ground.

• The hotel will include a nightclub, bar and restaurant on the top floor. The nightclub floor will be glass and part of it will overhang nothing but air—creating a dramatic view of the ground below.

• The property is being designed to maximize the use of natural light to reduce electricity demand.

• A gray water recycling system will ensure maximum water efficiency.

• Patel says the building will be green throughout, including all materials.

When asked what excited him most about this project, Patel said it is that the hotel will be like a “sculpture in the air.” Our industry needs more visionaries like him, don’t you think?

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