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Naples, Florida Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tacks on Eco Fee


In 2008 I first wrote about energy surcharges at hotels. At that time, the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association (JHTA) announced that it would support energy surcharges of up to $10 per night at its member hotels. The idea did not go over well at that time and today the whole notion of additional “hidden” fees does not sit well with any traveler. That is why I was surprised to learn that the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Naples Downtown – 5th Ave (Fla.) is currently charging a 5 percent Green Hotel Initiatives Eco Fee. The Gate With Brian Cohen reported on this on April 30. Just as you are about to pay online you find the fee description as follows:

“We are currently charging an eco-fee of 5 percent plus the applicable taxes for each room night to help fund programs such as: Recycling of all batteries, light bulbs, electronics, printer toners, newspapers, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass and cans, paints, oils and solvents, as well as scrap metal.”

I reached out to IHG headquarters and the hotel for a response but have not heard back yet.

What are your thoughts about an eco-fee? I would love to know. Of course, the majority of hotels absorb these fees into the room rate.

Telling your green story is important but making your guests pay extra for it? Not the best idea.