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N95Maskco’s Excess Inventory of KN95 Masks Now Available


NEW YORK, N.Y.—With a global shortage of N95 masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, N95Maskco has stepped in to fill the supply gap with its KN95 mask. The company has been producing KN95 masks for medical professionals, government workers, hospitals, and first responders. Now, it is making excess inventory available to the public to help prevent the spread of the virus from all angles.

N95Maskco firmly believes that all citizens should be empowered to take charge of their well-being during these dangerous times. Distributing the excess inventory furnishes the public with the resources to do just that.

The adjustable KN95 mask has been described by health manufacturer 3M as a “suitable alternative” to their N95 mask, the industry standard, which has limited availability due to the soaring demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). Like the N95, the KN95 filters up to 95 percent of non-oily suspended particles of 0.3-micron levels.

Excess Masks Can Accumulate

N95Maskco can make KN95 masks available to the public due to excess inventory. Hospitals placing orders are often delayed by bureaucratic processes; masks need to be verified, negotiated, and inspected for approval. N95Maskco’s manufacturers produce the maximum number of masks possible each day. When order placements are delayed, the excess masks accumulate.

Making the leftover inventory available to non-medical consumers helps to keep the production flow as efficient as possible.

Despite the desire to serve individual consumers, the members of the medical community remain their first priority. When an order to a hospital or other medical facility goes through, their shipment goes to the front of the line. At the end of the day, it is about getting masks to the people who need them most.