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McKibbon Hospitality Celebrated as a Bicycle-Friendly Business


TAMPA, FLA.—In keeping with ongoing efforts to maintain a vibrant and progressive workplace, McKibbon Hospitality has been recognized as a bicycle-friendly company on two fronts: It received a Bronze designation as Bicycle-Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists; additionally, McKibbon was among four out of a hundred bike-friendly businesses in the Tampa Bay area to receive special recognition at the Bike/Walk Tampa Bay Summit held on June 21. The organization, and the event, support biking among the underserved and disadvantaged population in the community.

McKibbon Hospitality is an industry leader in hotel development, management and renovation services. In May, National Bike Month, the company joined 83 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses as designated by an organization, The League of American Bicyclists, that dates back to 1880. McKibbon has earned a place alongside 1,266 bike-forward companies across the United States in a commitment to welcoming employees and customers who bike, as well as building a more bicycle-friendly America.

McKibbon’s headquarters are located in Avion Park in the Westshore section of Tampa, the city’s largest business district. It’s a high-density area near new residences, dining, and shopping, making bicycle travel ideal for employees seeking an efficient and eco-friendly commute. Biking as transportation, a burgeoning nationwide trend, helps decrease the carbon footprint, reduce healthcare costs, connect riders to their community and make for a fun and healthy work culture.

The Bicycle Friendly Business designation also serves as an example for McKibbon’s 87 hotels under management, all of which promote leisure bike riding for guests.

‘Allows Us to Showcase Our Commitment to Bicycling’

“Becoming a Bicycle-Friendly Business furthers our commitment to creating a safe environment for employees who prefer biking,” said McKibbon President Randy Hassen. “It allows us to showcase our commitment to bicycling and to encourage other businesses to show their support for this initiative, to come together to enhance the Westshore district and Tampa overall. We’re also honored to be recognized by Bike/Walk Tampa Bay, an important local organization that advances the cause and strengthens our commitment to it.”

McKibbon is working with the Westshore Alliance business group to further the organization’s goal of creating a more bike- and pedestrian-friendly environment for employees, residents and hotel guests.

“With each new round of Bicycle Friendly Business awards, we see the movement to create a more Bicycle Friendly America for everyone growing,” said Bill Nesper, Executive Director of the League of American Bicyclists. “Forward-thinking organizations like McKibbon Hospitality are seeing the benefits of encouraging biking, whether it’s happier employees, lower health care costs, or reaching new customers.”

Bike/Walk Tampa Bay said, “The commitment McKibbon has made is a stellar example of how local businesses bring the joy, safety, transportation and fun of bicycling to those who might not otherwise have the experience.”