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copy%20of%20lutronlogokLutron Electronics Co., Inc. is widely respected for engineering the highest-quality light control systems that deliver precisely the right ambience for a hotel property. The company has always innovated in advance of emerging market needs, and continually provides quality products, service and value. Lutron is also an environmentally responsible choice that can help define your brand as green.

At Lutron, the goal always has been to provide the most appropriate light control solutions for single guestrooms or entire properties—whether new construction or those undergoing renovation. Less well known is that Lutron control solutions save a significant amount of energy, and can assist a building in receiving up to 20 points in four out of five categories required for LEED-NC certification.

Lighting is often the largest power draw in a hotel property—frequently outpacing the costs of operating a building-wide climate control system. In addition to enhancing life safety protections and strengthening security, Lutron controls employ a variety of strategies like high-end tuning, scheduled load shedding, personalized control and occupancy- and time-based control. Each scales back lighting energy use dramatically, saving money, reducing a hotel’s carbon footprint, and allowing it to count itself among the brands that actively care about the environment. E-mail custsvc@lutron.com.