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Lodge at Chaa Creek Opens Belize Rainforest Retreat


SAN IGNACIO, BELIZE—The Lodge at Chaa Creek has just announced the opening of a new group accommodations and meeting venue in a scenic rainforest setting in western Belize.

The Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek is a new multipurpose rainforest venue for groups looking to stay, meet, work, or just relax in a tranquil jungle environment, the popular Belize eco-resort’s Managing Director announced.

“After years of hosting numerous organizations, NGOs, large family celebrations and other gatherings, we recognized a growing need for a facility specifically set aside for groups,” Bryony Fleming Bradley said.

The Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek grew out of what had previously been the Macal River Camp. It continues with the “Wildly Civilised” style that has defined Chaa Creek for nearly 40 years, yet with a new focus on group accommodations and activities, Bradley explained.

“Meetings, seminars, teambuilding exercises, celebrations, professional and family gatherings can now be held in a dedicated area that’s naturally beautiful, private, fully resourced, and close to all Chaa Creek amenities,” she added.

Accommodations Consist of 10 Eco-Pods

The Belize Rainforest Retreat accommodations consist of ten “Eco-Pods”—small elevated cabins with large screened windows and porches offering rainforest views. With kerosene lamps providing soft, natural lighting, the Eco-Pods are designed to harmonize with the surrounding jungle.

A traditional airy, thatched-roof palapa is the central dining and meeting area with a host family on hand to serve refreshments and homecooked Belizean breakfasts, dinners and barbecues.

Bradley said the Belize Rainforest Retreat is unique in that it offers privacy and an authentic jungle camp experience, yet is only a 15-minute stroll along a scenic trail to the Lodge at Chaa Creek’s services and amenities, including a fully serviced conference center.

Belize Rainforest Retreat guests are also welcome to enjoy an infinity pool, restaurant and lounge, the Hilltop Spa, and complimentary activities that include tours of the onsite Belize Natural History Museum and Butterfly Farm, the Maya Medicinal Plant Trail, and the traditional Maya Organic Farm.

Groups also have access to the miles of well-maintained trails crisscrossing the resort’s 400-acre private nature reserve.

Purposely Off the Grid

“The solar powered, lamp-lit Belize Rainforest Retreat is purposely off the grid so as not to disturb the birds and wildlife in the surrounding nature reserve,” Bradley said. “Guests can access miles of secure trails right from their Eco-Pods for nature walks, horseback rides, guided birding, or just casual strolls. And paddling the Macal River from the canoe landing is another enjoyable activity that brings you close to nature.”

In addition to onsite amenities and activities, a wide selection of tours and expeditions covering Belize from its Caribbean coast to inland attractions is also available.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is Belize’s longest running eco-resort. Set within a 400-acre private nature reserve along the banks of the Macal River in Western Belize, it has been recognized with numerous honors including a first place National Geographic World Legacy Award.