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Laminam Releases Sustainability Report


FIORANO MODENESE, ITALY—Laminam has released its comprehensive Sustainability Report, demonstrating the company’s ability to manage the market in adverse conditions and achieve higher-than-industry average performance figures with an inclusive, circular approach to sustainability. Globally, Laminam’s consolidated revenue is 237.4 million Euros, EBITDA of 11 percent and economic value distributed of 212 million Euros. As Laminam North America continues to broaden its presence and contribute to the overall growth of the company, sustainable innovation is a guiding principle.

“We are proud of these accomplishments and will persist in our commitment, as each of us has a vital role to fulfill in shaping a future that is more sustainable, serene, and secure for current and future generations,” said Alberto Selmi, Laminam CEO and President.

In 2023 the company continued to actively improve environmental initiatives focusing on reducing waste and maximizing efficiency with less use of conventional energy sources and lower consumption due to purposeful resource recycling with the goal of improved biodiversity. In Laminam production facilities, an extensive renovation was completed at the solar PV plant in Fiorano Modenese, in addition to further solar installations in Borgotaro, the development of an innovative trigeneration process, and the progressive electrification of the industrial cycle.

Mitigating Environmental Impact

The company continues to invest in mitigating environmental impact, including work on new low-temperature body mixes and the use of waste materials from other industries. Research into digital inks with lower emission profiles involved a highly specialized laboratory in a project on a global scale that mobilized the R&D departments of Europe’s top producers. Academic partnerships enabled testing of the various types of chemical/physical systems able to capture and/or render inert 30 percent of the CO₂ flow which Laminam has already managed to reduce from the firing process.

As resources are reduced, less waste is also a key initiative. The “Water Project” has significantly reduced the use of water resources (less than one cubic meter for every ton produced), while the water recycling percentage has increased. In fact, Laminam has well-established practices that effectively limit the use of water in its production cycle. Goals for the project range from reducing the energy consumption for pumping water from the sumps to the reuse of purified water for industrial production.

At Laminam manufacturing facilities in Italy, waste production decreased by 26 percent compared to 2022, confirming the optimization of waste/reuse resources. Of the waste generated, no less than 99 percent is classified as “nonhazardous” and of the remaining 1 percent, a proportion of 36 percent—three percentage points higher than the previous year—is sent for recycling.

Greater responsibility by management and all employees for their own well-being, health and safety was a particularly important topic during 2023.

The global pandemic resulted in the deterioration of human relations and significantly changed the work landscape. In 2023, the Laminam team was able to meet up in person once again and also meet customers, suppliers, journalists, students and stakeholders, benefiting from the creative energy, support and cooperation that only in-person experiences can generate.

This human-centric approach represents a growth strategy with a positive impact not just on the company and its associates but also on the local area as a whole. A number of in-house programs have been run to encourage inclusion and a sense of belonging amongst employees, as well as cultural and sporting projects for the local area in general. The “Together, for well-being” campaign further highlighted Laminam’s commitment to designing and creating products “to shape places where we can live well and feel confident”.

Company data reflects the growth experienced with a people-focused approach. There were 100 new hires at the group’s operating sites as well as 70 jobs created at the various subsidiaries, bringing the workforce at the end of the year to 803 staff members. Thirty-eight percent of Laminam’s workforce is female. A youthful workforce (81 percent of staff members below 50 years of age), benefited from a 7 percent increase in investments—compared to the previous year—in the hours of training delivered, as well as new programs to improve work-life balance and safety, reflected by impressively low and decreasing injury rate.

Laminam’s Sustainability Report is an expansive exploration of embodying an industry-leading industrial development model, based on circularity, accountability and overall well-being. The new report can be downloaded for review here.