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inncomlogo2c-6-25INNCOM develops, manufactures and markets integrated room automation systems for the global lodging industry. The company’s offerings range from programmable digital thermostats, lighting controls and guestroom amenities to fully integrated energy management and communication systems. INNCOM products are designed to enhance guest comfort, safety and satisfaction while saving energy and increasing bottom line profitability for property owners.

INNCOM’s suite of guestroom control devices may operate independently or be expanded to communicate with one another to create a “Guestroom Network”. Each Guestroom Network can then connect to the “Hotel Network” (e.g., property management system, security, engineering, housekeeping, etc.) in a wired or wireless environment to create a centrally controlled system, which will allow a property owner to:

• Conserve energy by eliminating unnecessary utilization;
• Improve guest comfort levels (Guest Satisfaction Index) and reduce guest complaints;
• Improve security with online lock control;
• Remotely diagnose and maintain guestroom Controls;
• Extend HVAC and other equipment life; and
• Improve staff efficiencies through Occupancy and Room Status Reporting.

Many of the benefits of an INNCOM centrally controlled system immediately contribute to the balance sheet, and many INNCOM customers recognize a return on their investment within the first 30 days. Furthermore, because INNCOM systems can be installed in either a wired or wireless configuration, installation is affordable in both new construction and retrofit projects.

Founded in 1986, INNCOM enjoys an established market position as an ongoing pioneer in guestroom technology development and a dependable provider of integrated guestroom control systems. Today, INNCOM systems are installed in more than 500,000 guestrooms worldwide.

To learn more, call (860) 739-4468 or e-mail sales@inncom.com.