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Indiana Furniture Gives Back to Local Community


JASPER, IND.—Indiana Furniture, a long-standing furniture manufacturer, announced that it recently made a donation to Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Ind. The company contributed office furniture to the local women’s organization to be used for their support staff and visiting members, as well as to furnish its recently renovated Hospitality Center. This renovation, along with the new furniture, will ensure that guests can enjoy a comfortable space during retreats.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to Indiana Furniture and all of its employees,” said Sister Louise Laroche. “Not only did they donate desks for our new Hospitality Center, but they were all so willing to patiently help us select the right furniture to meet our needs. Mr. Max Verkamp (President and CEO) and all of the Indiana Furniture staff made this a very enjoyable experience.”

The Hospitality Center project has been in the works for approximately six years, as the Sisters of St. Benedict have been working to modernize their facilities. “The new Center embodies the presence of peace and provides a place for us to carry out our work for God. Our goal is to stay relevant, so we can best serve future generations in an ever-changing world,” commented Sister Barbara Lynn Schmitz.

Indiana Furniture, which has been a staple of the Jasper community for over a century, understands the importance of giving back. Verkamp expressed how happy he is to support this organization’s cause. “The sisters are truly doing some wonderful work for our community, and we are more than happy to help them in any way we can,” he added.