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In Industry First, ADA International Canada Aligns Product Line with Fairtrade Group


NATIONAL REPORT—You may have seen the Fairtrade organization mentioned in connection with coffee. Or maybe chocolate. Now the Fairtrade logo can be found on amenity products. According to Paul Weber, Vice President Sales for ADA International Canada, his company is the first and only manufacturer in the world to team up with Fairtrade to launch an amenities brand for the hotel/resort industry. In fact, “Fair” is carried over to the product line’s name: FAIR CosmEthics.

Fairtrade is a movement for change that works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade fair for farmers and workers. The international Fairtrade system represents the world’s largest and most recognized fair-trade system.

Weber says ADA International Canada is currently working to grow awareness of Fairtrade and what it means. In Germany, for example, eight of 10 Germans know the brand name but in North America there is much less brand recognition. “Clearly, not as much as in Europe,” Weber says. In Canada ADA International has teamed up with FAIR TRADE Canada to participate in Fair Trade Campus Week (September 25 to 28). The campaign involves campuses across Canada (71 this year). All campuses promote Fairtrade products. ADA International Canada is giving away amenity samples to build brand awareness.

The FAIR CosmEthics collection consists of body cleanser, hair conditioner, hair shampoo and body lotion in 1-ounce sizes and bar soap in 15-gram and 20-gram sizes. Unique to the collection is not only its Fairtrade affiliation but also its ingredients. The body cleanser and shampoo contain Fairtrade cane sugar and the hair conditioner, body lotion and bar soap contain Brazil nut oil.

The FAIR CosmEthics collection is available as a set in a small milk carton for guests and liquids are available in two different dispensers. Weber says a rapidly increasing number of hotels in the United States are transitioning to dispensers thanks to recent commitments made by Marriott and IHG.

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