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Improving the Air Quality in Your B&B Property


Tourism may have a big impact on the air quality of popular destinations, but it works the other way around, with pollution having potentially harmful effects on the competitiveness of chosen destinations—as reported in a study by C. Eusebio and colleagues. Whether your B&B accommodation is located in a busy city center or it is ensconced in a natural zone, there is plenty you can do to make it more appealing to health-conscious travelers. The Environmental Protection Agency has warned that many homes have air pollution levels that are two to five times higher than the air outside. The good news is that it is easy to improve your abode’s indoor air and to let future dwellers know that you have taken time, and care to improve their health.

Analyzing the Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Some of the main contributors to poor indoor air quality may be the most unsuspected areas of your home—items such as carpets, soft furnishings, and pressed wood furniture. Soft furnishings and carpets sometimes contain flame retardants, which leach harmful chemicals that are linked to cancer, neurodevelopmental problems, and changes in thyroid hormones among pregnant women. When purchasing any soft furnishings for your rental, ensure that all items are flame retardant free, and advertise this fact to potential clients. Accommodations like Tri Lanka in Sri Lanka are setting new standards by using recycled wood in lieu of pressed wood, and by building green roofs, edible gardens, and vertical gardens.

Choosing a Quality Air Filter

If you pride yourself on your sustainable lodgings, then opt for a green air filtration system, ensuring it is strong enough to eliminate odors, pet dander, volatile organic compounds, and other allergens. Charcoal air purifier bags are a good option for those after a powerful yet natural, carbon activated purifier that requires no electricity or specialized knowledge. This type of filter is made from the roots and stems of bamboo trees, which are heated at extremely high pressures. Oxygen is then applied to the bamboo, enabling it to “activate” and filter out a plethora of toxins. If your clients are traveling with a small filter, they should be able to use this as well to boost the effects of your natural filter. Hotel enterprises like Marriott and MGM Grand Resorts have wall mountain air purification in all their rooms, to reduce the level of microbes and VOCs.

Contributors to Air Pollution

Additional contributors to poor air quality are harsh cleaning products such as ammonia and bleach. These can emit toxins that are harmful to respiratory health, and they can also be corrosive to the skin and eyes. Just a few effects of harsh products include headaches, abdominal discomfort, and even nausea. To ensure your guests enjoy a safe and happy stay, invest in a good steam vacuum cleaner. These emit steam that is powerful enough to kill bacteria, but do not require any cleaning products at all—just water. Another option is that embraced by the Hotel Ottilia in Copenhagen. Here, all rooms have a special coating that breaks down viruses and bacteria daily; essentially, these rooms are self-cleaning, and require much less work from maintenance staff.

If you have a green B&B, add to its appeal by advertising its optimal air quality. Let potential clients know the steps you have taken to make its interiors cleaner. Efforts can include replacing old soft furnishings and pressed wood furniture, and the purchase of green filters that can trap tiny particles that interfere with health and wellbeing.