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Humanscale Wins Manufacturer Visionary Award for 2017


NEW YORK—The International Living Future Institute (ILFI), a collective of leading green building experts and thought leaders who created the groundbreaking Living Building Challenge program and—most recently—the Living Product Challenge, presented Humanscale with the 2017 Manufacturer Visionary Award for their commitment to transparency, their completion of the Living Product Challenge, and their overall mission to create a future that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. By recognizing Humanscale’s comprehensive efforts to create a net positive impact on the earth, the award further distinguishes the brand as a leader for sustainable manufacturing across industries and around the world.

“The International Living Future Institute has created a platform that not only sets the highest standards for commercial manufacturing practices and procedures, but one that strategically strives to reconcile the relationship between humanity and the natural world,” says Humanscale CEO and Founder, Robert King. “A lot of companies try to do less harm to the environment in the most convenient and inexpensive way possible. We believe that is not nearly enough. Every organization needs to be self-sustaining. This is how nature works and is the only way we can ensure the long-term survival of our planet. Through healthy materials, sustainable processes and giving back, we are dedicated to making a net positive impact and honored that ILFI has recognized our commitment to this mission.”

The Manufacturer Visionary Award reflects Humanscale’s increasingly multi-faceted and impactful sustainability program. Led by King and Sustainability Officer Jane Abernethy, Humanscale’s Sustainability Program includes a variety of initiatives in addition to those established by the International Living Future Institute. Humanscale is a founding member of the Net Positive Project, a coalition of companies from around the globe that believe financial success and creating a net positive impact on the earth and its inhabitants are not mutually exclusive. Director of the Living Product Challenge, James Connelly, commends Humanscale for its dedication: “It’s been exciting to see Humanscale fully embrace the Living Product Challenge and extend the ethos behind the challenge to new programs and goals. We hope other companies are inspired by its impressive commitment to sustainability and transparency and follow their lead.”