A collaboration of leading sustainability companies offering a wide range of sustainable environmentally focused solutions to a diversified client base. Their unique approach through the integration of technologies, systems, products, and analytics achieves a much greater economic impact reducing operating expenses, increased asset value, environmental compliance, enhanced liquidity, market position leadership and sustainable solutions contributing to the restoration and resiliency of our valuable natural resources.

Unique financing alternatives, rebates and tax incentives are available for underwriting program costs for energy efficient initiatives.

Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. (HSSI) focuses on the Hospitality Market analyzing, designing, implementing, and monitoring of individual and portfolio properties nationwide. HSSI developed a client sustainability platform having 34 sustainability initiatives, which was a recipient of the prestigious California Governor’s GEELA Award (Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award).

Integrated Sustainability Solutions, Inc., (ISSI) utilizes the unique integration approach serving the needs of the commercial office, retail, industrial, multi-residential, education and nonprofit business sectors designing operational platforms using creative financing models to assist under writing costs to achieve impacting results. Financing models, depreciation schedules, energy efficient incentives, tax incentives and rebates are all factored in, to maximize ownership benefits.

Stonebridge Sustainability Solutions, Inc., (SSSI) through a patented and proprietary advanced technology (Gold Seal Industries (GSI), brings solutions to challenge the significant global environmental issues of today. Focused on waste conversion to valuable market demanded commodities. SSSI offers solutions i.e., catastrophic wildfires, water and soil contamination, water recapture, emergency disaster relief, renewable energy generation, biofuels, sanitation and more. The technology generates zero emissions, eliminates land fill deposits, requires NO grid connection and is mobile to waste generation locations. Operational performance is guaranteed Worldwide by Lloyd’s of London.

Window Film Depot (WFD) America’s #1 commercial window film and graphics installer provides nationwide window film services to all collaborative companies’ clients. Window film is a first step in achieving reduced capex (solar, HVAC) and reduced operating expenditures inclusive of energy efficiency, emission reductions (GHG), lighting and control systems, carbon reduction. PACE financing, available rebates, tax incentives all assist in underwriting project costs. In addition to a wide range of 3M film products, the company through its patented and clear security films offers DefenseLite and Bulletshield “Keeping out the bad guys” and “Body Armor for Windows”. Reliable professional services and products is underscored from the companies 30 years’ experience and 25,000 project completions.

Verdafero, Inc. is one of the top recognized EnergyStar certified professional engineering consultancy firms in the U.S. Services are available to all collaborative client bases. Verdafero Insights is a patented Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed to securely monitor, analyze, and report across utilities for any size property portfolio. Verdafero Insights can also be used to detect utility leaks, theft, and efficiencies as well as to forecast trends. Verdafero Insights can also identify upgrade projects to head off future issues, save money and increase operating profits and automatically calculate GHG emissions for ESG and sustainability reporting.

Services are directed to Sustainability initiatives—Energy Star Benchmarking—Energy & Water Auditing—Certification Services—Project Management—Reporting for Mandate Compliance.

Contact: Charles A. Smith, CEO HSSI, ISSI & SSSI, Collaborative Partner for WFD & VI. Call (412) 445-4237, e-mail chuck@hotelsustainabilityinc.com, or go to https://hotelsustainabilityinc.com. Based in Newport Beach, California.