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Hotel Air Filters: The Right Filters for Comfortable Rooms

The air filters in a hotel keep incoming airflow clean. You will need to install the correct filters in order to keep the air in a hotel room safe and clean.

NATIONAL REPORT—A hotel sees thousands of guests from all walks of life come around to enjoy the scenery and relax away from home. These guests see plenty of germs too. The air in a hotel could be filled with pathogens, contagions, dust, dirt, sand, mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens or pollutants. But that is where air filters come in, cleaning up incoming airflow and keeping hotel rooms comfortable and clean. But how do these air filters keep a hotel so clean? And how do you keep them working at peak efficiency?

How the Air Filters Work

The air coming into a hotel room is pumped in by the air systems that take fresh air from the outside. These systems continuously bring in the airflow so that a hotel room is never lacking for freshness. However, the systems bring in air indiscriminately without any way to tell the good air from the dirty. This is why air filters are so important, and why hotels need them throughout an air system.

Air filters actually consist of a tight mesh weaving that taps and absorbs particles being pumped in alongside fresh airflow. This mesh weaving is rated on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) scale, which ranks them based on tightness. The best air filters are tight enough to block out harmful particles, but not tight enough to prevent air from coming through easily. The process is simple and easy, but the air filters become dirtier over time as they continue to absorb particles. When that happens, new air filters are needed to keep the air coming in clean.

Keeping Hotel Air Filters Working Correctly

When the air filters in a hotel air system become too dirty, then they need replacement to keep airflow coming in clean. If they are not replaced regularly, the airflow will have a difficult time making it into the hotel. This leads to issues of dryness and stagnation. The best-case scenario is discomfort for guests and staff, while a worst-case scenario may lead to medical problems. Avoid any worry about these problems by installing new air filters regularly. The air will continue to come in clean and the indoor air quality will rise.

Selecting the Right Air Filters

A hotel has many air systems, all of which could require different size filters or types in order to ensure the air comes in clean. The right filters however are not found by simply guessing the right size and trying to fit it in a system. The sizes needed can be found on the old filter’s cardboard edge. Use this number to find the right air filter sizes needed to fit into the system and keep the air coming into a hotel effectively. When it is all set up correctly, a hotel will smell as clean and fresh as ever.