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Excel Dryer’s expanded and enhanced product line features the high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR®, XLERATOReco® and ThinAir® Hand Dryers, the first in the industry to receive Environmental Product Declaration certification from UL Environment. Enhanced standard features include adjustable speed and sound controls, adjustable heat settings (high, medium, low and off), an externally visible Service LED and multi-voltage options. Offering the most options and complete line of accessories in the industry, Excel Dryer’s signature products create the most hygienic and best hand drying solution for any restroom environment. Call (888) 998-7704 for more information.



With the ffuuss hand dryer you will save time on washroom upkeep and reduced janitorial and maintenance cost. ffuuss develops high speed energy efficient (only 1100 W consumption) hand dryers with an enhanced user experience created by features that are not available in other products on the market: Preheat system, residual water collection and side air curtains to prevent splashes outside of the drying cavity. It also features a perimeter activation with capacitive sensors, fully customizable design and finishes, with a system for obtaining use data via App and Bluetooth technology. At ffuuss we focus on Hygiene, Sustainability, Functionality, Efficiency and Design. Call (305) 400-0622.