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Many Green Products Featured at Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show


ORLANDO, FLA.—More than 8,000 food industry professionals gathered at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando last week for the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show. Among the hundreds of exhibitors were companies introducing products to reduce energy and water consumption and material waste. The following is a quick rundown of those companies and the products they featured:

PowerTrak Efficiency Systems, LLC—PowerTrak Efficiency Systems introduced its VX Series Energy Management Thermostat that includes an occupancy sensor that allows for energy saving when rooms are unoccupied. Fully configurable settings allow for temperature setback, temperature recovery, setback optimization, setback limits, and set point limits. The company also featured the Pool Tiger. As water flows through the Pool Tiger, it is channeled into proprietary nozzles that convert it to water vapor, super-heating it for a fraction of a second. Instantly, the water vapor collapses and reverts back to a liquid. This conversion from liquid-to-gas-to-liquid makes for very high temperatures, which kills the bacteria and algae. It also creates a harmonic vibration that breaks down the algae walls to prevent regrowth. These particles of dead algae are negatively charged, which causes them to “glom together” in larger particles which are then easily cleaned by the pool filter on the next pass.

Spinway—Spinway offers a high-end, custom bike rental station at no cost to hotels. Spinway covers 100 percent of the liability and all bike repairs, maintenance and customer service are provided by local operators. Custom logos are provided at no cost. Spinway offers a theft-proof proprietary locking system for its bikes.

Drain Wand—Drain Wand is a drain cleaning tool for commercial kitchens and bars that eliminates the need to remove the drain cover. Its design allows water to wash away the harborage that allows small flies to breed.

FlatwareSaver LLC—FlatwareSaver LLC featured its FlatwareSaver that fits over standard 32 and 44-gallon trash containers. It eliminates costly flatware and ramekin losses. The product is not a magnet—it’s a detection and retention device with a rotating tray designed specifically for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

The Amazing Flameless Candle—The Amazing Flameless Candle displayed its wide variety of rechargeable candle systems. Lasting years on average, the candles generate significantly less waste than fuel cell candles and other consumable candle options.

Foodstiks—Foodstiks introduced its compostable wood cutlery. Foodstiks decompose in less than 90 days and are available in singles, in sets and as ice cream or taster spoons. Every year 40 billion pieces of plastic disposable cutlery are used in the United States alone. Editors from several leading industry publications identified 12 innovative new products that were presented to the media and buyers. The best new product from Pitch the Press was FoodStiks.

OMNI-RINSE—OMNI-RINSE featured its Omni-Rinse 3-in-1 Rinse Station for mixing tins and other bar tools. The water-saving hands-free warm water rinse thoroughly rinses the inside and outside surfaces of drink-making tools.

Fryfilter, Inc.—Fryfilter, Inc. was at the show with its VITO oil filter system. Used daily, VITO filters remove food particles and carbon from frying oil. Frying in clean, filtered oil will result in a better tasting and better-looking fried product. Oil life increases, and workload decreases through fewer oil changes and fryer cleanings.

Commercial Foodservice Equipment Solutions | Eaton Marketing—Commercial Foodservice Equipment Solutions | Eaton Marketing displayed GardenChef herb and microgreen growing cabinets from Carter-Hoffmann. The cabinets allow one to grow herbs, microgreens and vegetables 365 days a year. Seeds are sown in common garden flats using traditional soil or hydroponic media.

Thermaco Inc.—Thermaco introduced its Big Dipper and Trapzilla grease interceptors. The Big Dipper features Advanced Odor Protection. When closed, grease and food related odors stay in the tank and out of the kitchen. The smallest Trapzilla model can hold more than 160 pounds of grease and the larger TZ-1826 can hold as much as a 1,000-gallon receptor.

Duro-Last, Inc.—Duro-Last offered its wide range of roofing options. According to the company, it focuses on recycling at every step of the product lifecycle. In addition to its manufacturing process that allows excess material to be recycled back into production, its custom-fabricated roof systems allow roofing contractors to reduce scrap on the job site—meaning less waste ends up in the landfill.

Next year’s Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show will take place September 15 to 16 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.