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Gfl is a privately-owned swiss company, with 24 years of expertise in the amenities field, producing and distributing cosmetics around the globe.

At Gfl, environmental sustainability is a mindset; a key value that drives our business activities. We live every day with a commitment to respect our planet and to create awareness in the global community. We want to protect the future of our families through the respect of nature.

As one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers in Europe, we feel a unique responsibility to the earth. With this mindset, we push ourselves, our suppliers, and our industry partners to prioritize sustainability initiatives. Every project, production, and decision we make starts with conservation and preservation. We always keep looking for innovative ways to reduce waste, pursue sustainability, and create products with minimal environmental impact.

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment through green policies and cutting-edge technologies. Our bottles, dispensers, and packaging are easily disposable, designed to optimize transportation, and to reduce CO2 emissions. Our cosmetic ranges have been developed to respect severe quality standards, many reaching the criteria of the most renowned certifications.

Continuous formulation improvement, innovative packaging solutions, consumer-oriented choices and high-quality standards for products and processes are the way we maintain our mission of sustainability. At Gfl we conduct Environmental Impact Studies on production practices as well as on every single product, evaluating LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) to minimize impact wherever possible. It’s in our everyday work that we promote a culture of environmental respect, pushing for product with a controlled CO2 footprint.

Call Gfl USA Inc. at (718) 414-2554 or e-mail info@gflamenities.com. In Europe reach Gfl SA at +41 91 9607500 or by e-mail at info@gflamenities.com.