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Geyser Thermal Energy Brings Energy Efficiency to Tyram Lakes Eco Resort


DONCASTER, U.K.—As the eagerly-awaited opening approaches of the luxury Tyram Lakes eco resort, which incorporates 325 eco lodges and a 104-bedroom hotel over 165 acres, Geyser Thermal Energy has confirmed that its unique holistic design will utilize 90 percent less energy than fossil fuel systems—all of which will be achieved without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever.

During the summer, the system will use 100 percent less energy, making the Tyram Lakes resort completely carbon neutral during the high season.

According to Alexander Pearce, CEO of the developers, Rothgen, Geyser Thermal Energy’s technology will see the entire new complex in Yorkshire run with optimum efficiency.

“There are so many innovative reasons why Tyram Lakes is a first of its kind in the world of eco resort and hotel design,” he said. “This isn’t just some tick-box environmental marketing exercise with a few solar panels and some recycling; our strategic partner Geyser Thermal Energy’s expertise in harnessing precious resources is the silent yet crucial heartbeat of this very exciting prestigious development. What makes it so genuinely eco-friendly and sustainable is that despite its size making a significant demand for water, heating and cooling, resources here will be recovered and reused on an unprecedented scale. Even the natural body heat from our guests will be recovered and reused to heat water for showers.”

He added: “We are also ensuring, for example, that in reducing demand and protecting the local environment, Tyram Lakes’ innovative water treatment systems will save over 10 million liters of water per year.”