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Fairmont Miramar Hotel Achieves Green Hotel Certification


SANTA MONICA, CALIF.—The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows announced that it has been named one of the first hotels in Southern California to receive the Green Hotel Certification. With more than 200 certification requirements focusing on environmental issues, energy, corporate responsibilities and conservation, The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows is taking one more step to preserve the environment.

The Green Hotel Certification program was founded in 2006 by Guido Bauer, an entrepreneur and hospitality industry veteran. The program uses the baseline criteria of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Networks of the Americas, Agenda 21 and principles for sustainable development endorsed by 182 governments at the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992, the Mohonk Agreement, and International Standard Organization (ISO) to develop a green certification that is recognized by the global lodging industry.

To become fully certified as a Green Hotel, the Fairmont Miramar has undergone rigorous assessments, which include developing an environmental management system, employing a carbon offset program, implementing a sustainable tourism program, measuring and comparing energy consumption, and restricting the consumption, selling, trading or displaying of endangered species or products. Additional steps taken include: hiring and training of local staff at all levels, identifying and enforcing waste sorting actions, providing facilities for guests with special needs, displaying and promoting the environmental initiatives and policies to guests, and ensuring promotional materials are accurate and up-to-date. These qualifications are evaluated by an independent three member panel and requires an annual re-certification.

With more than 50 distinctive hotels and 22,000 hotel rooms around the globe, Fairmont continues to lead by example with innovative environmental programs and an unwavering attitude to growing the movement of overall environmental stewardship. Under the innovative leadership of its corporate environmental affairs division and hotel-based Green Teams, over 26,000 employees have taken on the role of environmental ambassadors helping to protect the habitat, resources and culture of the places where employees and guests work, live and play.

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