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Fairmont Hotels & Resort’s Front Desk Computers Powered by the Wind


TORONTO—Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has introduced a new way for hotels to go green. Guests arriving at the brand’s destinations across North America will soon be welcomed at check-in by agents using front desk computers powered by the wind. A longtime leader in environmental stewardship, Fairmont’s recent purchase of Eco-Logo certified wind power for 249 check-in computers will result in a greenhouse gas reduction of almost 100 tons over the next year.

Fairmont’s Green Partnership program places significant emphasis on energy issues and recognizes the importance of sustainable energy technology. After evaluating a number of ways to incorporate wind power in operations, Fairmont made the decision to purchase their wind power through the Pembina Institute, a nonprofit environmental organization whose mandate is encouraging “sustainable energy solutions.”

Fairmont has agreed to purchase the equivalent to 116 megawatt hours of wind power for an initial term of one year. Tina Barzo, development associate and Wind Power Program coordinator at the Pembina Institute congratulated Fairmont on this investment in the future.

“Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is one of a growing number of progressive companies purchasing wind power,” Barzo says. “It’s refreshing to see the corporate sector taking on these important roles to make renewable energy even more viable in the future. Clean, renewable energy is where we all need to be heading.”

“Fairmont Hotels & Resorts are strong advocates of environmental protection,” says Michelle White, Fairmont’s manager, environmental affairs. “The purchase of wind power is a new component of our company’s Green Partnership Program. Given the current emphasis on reduced greenhouse gas emissions, it’s important for Fairmont to take this logical step and continue to support sustainable technology.”

Fairmont has long been a supporter of green power. Since 1999, The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise has been purchasing green power through an agreement with the Canadian Eco-Logo certified Canadian Hydro Developers. Presently 40 percent of the property’s electricity needs are met by a blend of wind and run-of-river electricity generation. Green power, derived from sources including wind, run-of-river hydro, and biomass, has minimal impacts on the environment and produces minimal greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional generation methods.

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