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Everpure Introduces new Micro-Pure II Water Filter Technology


CHICAGO—Everpure LLC announced the launch of its Micro-Pure II technology at the National Restaurant Association Show in May. The Micro-Pure II filter offers safe, effective and long-lasting protection against the potential growth of bacteria in the filtering system.

Everpure’s original Micro-Pure filters already provided consumers with chlorine reduction, odor removal and sub-micron particle capture. Enhancing upon this already popular technology, the new Micro-Pure II filter makes use of AgION antimicrobial technology, which ensures the best system performance for a greater length of time.

The AgION technology prevents bacteria, mold and fungus from growing and multiplying on the filter media. In addition, the Micro-Pure II filters also reduce asbestos fibers and cysts in water. Together, the new technology reduces clogging and provides better removal of contaminants.

“The AgION technology offers optimum protection against the potential for bacteria growth so that water tastes consistently fresh and filters do not clog due to biofilm buildup,” says Peter Gorr, director of commercial marketing for Everpure.

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