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EverGlow manufactures codexitonee approved Photoluminescent EXIT Signs and EGRESS PATH Markings. Reliable and effective as no electrical emergency lighting product can be, high performance glow in the dark signs and markings can help you reduce inspection and maintenance costs.

EverGlow Code Approved Photoluminescent EXIT Signs

exit2exit3Without compromising the life safety of your guests and staff, EverGlow (non-electrical) photoluminescent exit signs can be used to replace electrical exit signs.  Call (866) 744-4706 for more information.


EverGlow Code Approved EGRESS PATH Markings

evermarkings222EverGlow (non-electrical) photoluminescent exit path markings are typically used to supplement electrical emergency lighting in the exit stairs of high rise buildings.  EverGlow offers a complete system of egress path marking system components—stair nosings, handrail and obstacle tapes, aluminum guidance strips with a durable ceramic wear layer, and custom signs and markings.  Call (866) 744-4706 or e-mail info@everglow.us for more information.