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EVBox Group Reaches 200,000 Installed Charge Ports


LIBERTYVILLE, ILL.—Despite a global pandemic, EVBox has reached another milestone of its base of installed charge ports. In November 2019, the charging solutions provider announced that it had installed 100,000 charge ports worldwide and marked this turning point by setting up the OneChargerOneTree initiative with a pledge to plant one tree for every new charge port placed. Since then, 100,000 trees have been planted, and a total of 200,000 charge ports have been placed.

At the end of last year, EVBox Group announced plans to become a public company via a business combination with TPG Pace Beneficial Finance, and is expected to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) by late Q1 2021.

Learning from the Covid-19 Pandemic

2020 was unpredictable for businesses around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread destruction to livelihoods but has also shown that environmental change is possible and cleaner air is a necessity for the survival of the planet.

The EVBox Mobility Monitor—a piece of market research conducted with Ipsos—shows that European citizens and future EV drivers share this opinion and take environmental matters seriously. Both groups think the adoption of EVs is essential to combatting the climate crisis. There is also a consensus that governmental policies and incentives are key to establishing the charging infrastructure that will facilitate the transition to sustainable transport across the continent.

Celebrating a Decade of Progress

In 2020, EVBox celebrated its 10th anniversary and fortified its position as an industry leader not only by reaching the milestone of 200,000 globally installed charge ports but by establishing initiatives to prepare all of EVBox Group for a strong 2021 as a public company.

EVBox Group 2020 Highlights

Consumer-centric Policies Crucial for Adoption of Electric Mobility

With the interests of EV drivers always in mind, EVBox Group has:

  • Joined the EVRoaming Foundation and founded the ChargeUp Europe Alliance together with ChargePoint and Allego to help realize EU policies that support investment in charging infrastructure, remove market barriers, and create a seamless experience for EV drivers.
  • Shared more insights about main barriers and opportunities in electric mobility based on the EVBox Mobility Monitor—an annual market report presenting the needs for EV adoption.
  • Converted REVOLUTION conference into a hybrid electric mobility brand—hosting three digital conferences in 2020 and bolstering the REVOLUTION community by continuing to bring cleantech and mobility enthusiasts together.

“In response to many challenges in 2020, we’ve managed to adopt new ways of working across EVBox Group and I’m proud to see that we were able to stay more connected than ever,” says Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox Group. “Reaching the significant number of 200,000 installed charge ports worldwide is a testament to the work we’ve done over the last decade and the work we’re continuing to do. I’m extremely confident that we’ll reach our goal of installing one million charge ports by 2023. Our range of charging solutions lets us constantly meet and exceed the expectations of our partners and customers. In 2021, we’ll enhance our product development as a public company and continue to bring innovative and intelligent charging solutions to the market.”