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Energy Sherpa assists primarily hotels and other commercial properties with the implementation of energy conservation measures to reduce operating costs and increase long-term value. Whether you’re a hotel, MUD, office building, retail or other commercial property, we will help you develop an energy strategy and help you execute the strategy in a pragmatic fashion focused on the your investment criteria and desired occupant experience. We bring extensive experience in energy efficiency, hospitality management, and operations to each of our clients and utilize our consultative framework to support each property’s unique needs. Learn more about Energy Sherpa at http://www.energy-sherpa.com. Call (908) 731-5091.



Resort Energy Ventures was founded to assist the hospitality industry and other organizations located in high energy cost regions meet their energy needs with responsible, sustainable, and economically viable solutions. We provide corporate renewable energy deployment strategies, portfolio analysis, and individual project development services for renewable energy, battery, and microgrid systems. Our approach is to maximize return on investment while meeting sustainability objectives. In resort locations, particularly islands, we have proven that green approaches to energy supply, including renewable energy and battery storage, can radically reduce costs while meeting socially desired goals. Contact us at info@resortenergyventures.com, or (720) 722-1250.