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AspirEnergy is an energy solutions company that helps hotels increase long-term value by reducing operating costs through sustainable solutions. Your bottom line is our focus. As no two hotels are the same, our approach is consultative and designed to meet your financial requirements. We provide an integrated energy solutions platform to serve as a comprehensive energy reduction strategy for your hotel. Our solution is flexible, giving you the ability to outsource this function to minimize infrastructure investments or obtain expertise on a particular energy reduction measure.

Our approach is designed to generate operating cash flows by prioritizing solutions that require little to no CapEx, and then allocate those savings to renewable energy assets. But if you have partially engaged in any energy reduction measure, you can still benefit on other energy reduction measures to further decrease operating expenses.

We deliver across four main solutions:

Energy Procurement—Our reverse auction platform obtains quotes from a range of third party suppliers, who compete for your business.

Energy Efficiency—Focuses on reducing energy consumption through equipment retrofits for lighting, HVAC and water efficiency products.

Renewable Energy—Implements on-site energy generation to offset consumption from the grid, such as Solar, CHP and Battery Storage.

Energy Services—Provide other services to identify and reduce energy consumption and energy spend such as Energy Audits.

Learn more about AspirEnergy at http://www.aspirenergy.com. Call (908) 561-2701.



Resort Energy Ventures was founded to assist the hospitality industry and other organizations located in high energy cost regions meet their energy needs with responsible, sustainable, and economically viable solutions. We provide corporate renewable energy deployment strategies, portfolio analysis, and individual project development services for renewable energy, battery, and microgrid systems. Our approach is to maximize return on investment while meeting sustainability objectives. In resort locations, particularly islands, we have proven that green approaches to energy supply, including renewable energy and battery storage, can radically reduce costs while meeting socially desired goals. Contact us at info@resortenergyventures.com, or (720) 722-1250.