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ELMNTL’s Goal: Making It Simple for Anyone to Start a Retreat With Modular Construction


BOULDER, COLO.—Colorado-based design and fabrication team, ELMNTL, is democratizing boutique hospitality with its ecosystem of configurable cabins, saunas and wellness products. ELMNTL acts as a partner to hospitality owners to start getaways, hotels, vacation rentals, and wellness retreats with its zero-to-launch services.

ELMNTL was founded by former data scientist and tech entrepreneur Vlad Dubovskiy who traded coding for building and renting cabins out in the wild of the rugged Colorado Rocky Mountains. This personal transformation informs much about ELMNTL as a business.

“ELMNTL crafts beyond architecture—we create unforgettable experiences for people who love to adventure outside,” Dubovskiy says. “Instead of seeing a cabin as simply a product, we are vertically integrating our hardware (the building) and the software (the experience), akin to an iPhone. So, we think of our core product as delivering an unforgettable user experience.”

More Than 1,000 Configurable Options

Through configurable and fully prefabricated modular builds, ELMNTL helps its clients create a unique experience in their spaces. With over 1,000 configurable options customers can control their designs with greater flexibility.

Customers can create a unique master plan and floor plans suited to their specific needs with ELMNTL’s configurable architecture. ELMNTL innovated a build system to adapt and personalize every structure, ensuring that it fits functional requirements and harmonizes with the surrounding environment. The points of configurability include: the way modules are joined, the placement of windows, doors, skylights, the choice of exterior siding material and interior color theme, and the addition of elements like roof-decks, gear capsules and fireplaces.

“ELMNTL’s platform for the hospitality market aims to make elevated architecture accessible for all,” Dubovskiy says. “We address the missing middle in the market: a move away from rigid, preset designs and towards customizable floor plans. We offer products with a personal look-and-feel in a modular format, without tipping into expensive, bespoke architecture.”

Guiding customers from the initial feasibility of their hospitality concepts to the full realization of their business, ELMNTL provides turnkey support. ELMNTL also offers preset floor plans in addition to its configurable options. Presets provide customers with a quick and convenient hospitality solution and come at a lower price point.

From the choice of materials to the orientation of the structure for passive solar gains, every element is thoughtfully selected and executed based on a customer’s project. This personalized approach guarantees that each ELMNTL cabin or sauna is a true reflection of the customer’s vision and lifestyle. With these configurable features packaged in a pre-finished modular design, ELMNTL ensures that elevated architecture is within reach for hospitality startups and established hoteliers at once.

Democratizing Design with Turnkey Services

By focusing on the real needs of hospitality business owners, ELMNTL aims to democratize architecture and luxury craftsmanship. Their approach of having both design and manufacturing in-house, strengthens their ability to take on a high level of configurablity for cabins and saunas.

ELMNTL removes obstacles and complexity from the process with its Turnkey Services. They manage master planning, site planning, zoning, permitting, local code-compliance, construction, delivery, installation, and warranty for their customers. Customers can opt for additional services such as hiring ELMNTL to manage a local General Contractor (GC) on their behalf to carry out site work. The Turnkey Services are available nationwide in the U.S. and Canada and are included in the quoted base price. These end-to-end services allow customers to focus on building their businesses, while ELMNTL handles all the infrastructure.

Rooted in Colorado Adventure

ELMNTL’s designs are deeply influenced by the rugged beauty and environmental ethos of Colorado. The focused team of designers and craftspeople brings their expertise and love for nature to every project.

“Real people designing real experiences and spaces for the love of nature,” Dubovskiy says. “We treat every carpentry detail as poetry we want people to witness. Our products are intimate—the finer details make every choice feel considered. To us, a cabin or sauna is an extension of nature itself, so we build it with the spirit of adventure, fun, and obsessive care for the environment.”

With the goal of creating impactful experiences in nature, ELMNTL is focused on designing structures that enhance the surrounding landscape of their customers’ sites. In true Coloradoan fashion, the team places adventure, nature bathing and play in the wild at the foundation of their design and build intentions. ELMNTL stands out in the modular prefab market by offering a fresh perspective on modern shelters. They pride themselves on tailoring builds to the topographical features of the American landscape, an environment known for its diversity.

Innovation to Build for Forever

To ELMNTL, “Built for Forever” means building architecture that stands the test of time and using materials that are forever safe for the planet. Built for extreme weather conditions and protected for longevity, ELMNTL structures are also designed for disassembly. All the products are made with biodegradable or re-purposable materials, including decarbonizing wood frames, and are free from toxic foams and plastics.

As ELMNTL grows, it will continue to add new designs to its ecosystem of products and experiences, including wellness products such as cold plunges and hot tubs.

“Our big idea is simple—it is to foster a love for the fragile, wild, natural world. To do that, we work with our hospitality clients to get as many people as possible into the elements,” Dubovskiy says.