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DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings Earn GREENGUARD Gold Certification


WILMINGTON, DEL.—DuPont Electronics & Imaging announced that DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings have earned GREENGUARD Gold certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a third-party certifier of product and sustainability claims.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification demonstrates that the new DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings are certified for low chemical emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contributing to healthier indoor air in offices, medical facilities and schools. DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings also received an Environmental Claim Validation from UL for mold resistance.

“UL congratulates DuPont for achieving GREENGUARD Gold Certification for their wallcoverings, which demonstrates their commitment to creating products that do not contribute to poor indoor air quality,” said Alberto Uggetti, Vice President and General Manager of UL’s Environment & Sustainability division. “GREENGUARD Gold certification helps designers and architects understand a product’s impact on indoor air quality so they can make an informed decision for their project needs.”

Screened for More Than 10,000 VOCs

GREENGUARD Certification from UL indicates that products are third-party certified to meet stringent chemical emissions requirements. Products like DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings are screened for more than 10,000 VOCs and undergo both annual recertification and periodic testing to maintain this credential.

“At DuPont, we wanted to offer a product that is design-forward while meeting the environmental requirements that new marketplaces demand,” said Fallyn Flaherty-Earp, Wallcoverings Marketing Manager at DuPont. “GREENGUARD Gold certification tells customers that they can trust our product in their next design to help create a safer indoor environment, while garnering LEED points for the overall project.”

The sound science and meticulous certification requirements that back the GREENGUARD Certification program help differentiate DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings from its competitors. “We know that the GREENGUARD Gold certification credibly communicates our commitment to healthy buildings and consumer well-being. We are excited to be able to offer it to our commercial clients,” Flaherty-Earp added.

DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings are sold exclusively through Endure Walls in North America. To learn more, visit tedlarwallcoverings.dupont.com.