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Dominica’s ‘Safe in Nature’ Certification Program Brings Tourism Back to the Nation


LONDON—The Commonwealth of Dominica’s “Safe in Nature” certification program has successfully allowed tourism to resume on the island in a managed way that prioritizes the safety of both visitors and citizens. Launched in October, the program enables visitors to come to Dominica and experience the island with little risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus while still partaking in all the nation has to offer. With tourism being a primary driver of Dominica’s economy, the “Safe in Nature” program also enables the island to support its stakeholders who the pandemic has hit.

Dominica has ensured that its protocols and guidelines are continuously updated depending on travel advice. Visitors’ requirements depend on the risk factor—with Dominica categorizing countries under either low, medium, or high risk. If travelers are coming from a high-risk nation, they must quarantine in one of the certified properties with a managed experience for the first five to seven days.

Since its launch, the initiative has been hailed a success by both visitors and operators on the island. Colin Piper, the Director of Tourism, addressed this during a recent government program: “Since October 1st, we have had 1,678 visitors from high risk classified countries come and stay at certified properties…so the program has been successful.”

Focus on Safety

During the government program, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Lisa Valmond, indicated the importance of centering safety in all tourism protocols. “Dominica is unique, and it is beautiful, so it is partly due to that, but I think during the pandemic, they feel assured that their hosts are keeping them safe and the country safe as well.”

Visitors who want to make their stay a little more permanent can do so by investing in its Citizenship by Investment Program. The initiative encourages high net-worth individuals to invest in the nation or buy into selected real estate property in exchange for second citizenship. Once undergoing a rigorous multi-tiered vetting procedure, successful applicants are granted receipt of citizenship and can thus apply for a second passport, gaining access to over 140 countries and territories across the globe.

Aside from increased travel mobility, second citizenship from Dominica provides one with the right to live, work and study in the nation if one chooses. Additionally, it facilitates a healthy environment for business while also protecting its abundant natural landscape, earning it the title “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”. Funds derived from the program are invested into national development, including Dominica’s quest to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation.