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DiaCore DE Introduces DiaSource Natural Crawling Insect Killer


KATY, TEXAS—Designed to replace hazardous chemical pesticides to reduce toxic exposure and costs associated with insect control, DiaSource Crawling Insect Killer is an easy-to-use healthier method that manages crawling insects. It is the most effective and economical solution for hotels where mites (bed bugs, head lice, etc.), cockroaches, ants, earwigs, spiders, fleas and other crawling insects are of concern.

DiaSource Crawling Insect Killer combines the power of laboratory testing, field verifications, an EPA Registration, a 100 percent natural product, and application consultation to protect any indoor area. Qualities include being indefinitely effective (until physically removed), an EPA registration for use in all indoor areas including but not limited to food preparation areas and food storage areas, and being green listed in the IPM guidelines that reside on the EPA website.

Contact and exposure to nerve toxins and stomach poisons that are commonly used in pest control practices are avoided. Applying chemical pesticides multiple times a year is not necessary; DiaSource Crawling Insect Killer’s effectiveness lasts last until it is physically removed. Following the application procedures on the DiaSource Crawling Insect Killer packaging is mandatory.

The treated areas will gain internal protection against crawling insects while the resident gains a safer living/working environment. Commonly used pest control toxins and hazardous chemicals will no longer be a threat to the facility, its contents, and the residents.

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