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Designtex Receives Inaugural REPREVE Champions of Sustainability Award


NEW YORK—Designtex announced that it has received the REPREVE Champions of Sustainability award in the category of Circular Economy recognizing companies that demonstrated best-in-class use of the closed loop concept, which aims to eliminate waste throughout the product life cycle.

As an innovator and leader in environmental sustainability, Designtex is committed to investing in research and development and continues to educate the design industry on the importance of incorporating these principles into every project. In 2013, Designtex introduced Loop to Loop, the result of an unprecedented collaboration with Steelcase, Canadian textile manufacturer Victor, and Unifi, to create the first upholstery fabric to be made from “recycling recycled” panel fabric. Loop to Loop utilizes cutting waste from Steelcase furniture, most of which was already postconsumer recycled fabric made from PET water bottles. This waste is recycled again into “new” polyester yarn that is used to weave Loop to Loop—which is itself designed and manufactured with an eye to future recycling through the same closed-loop process, retaining the raw materials’ integrity and value through multiple lifetimes.

Since the introduction of this breakthrough collection, Designtex has continued to develop and introduce additional products that utilize the closed loop concept and to support the sustainability movement with its Carbon Neutral Shipping commitment. “We are thrilled and honored to be recognized by Unifi with this prestigious award,” says Susan Lyons, President of Designtex. “As a leader in the in the development, design, and manufacturing of applied materials for the built environment, we will continue to innovate and introduce sustainable solutions for the A&D community and beyond.”

“Unifi created the REPREVE Champions of Sustainability awards to recognize our brand and textile partners that have achieved plastic bottle recycling milestones as a result of their use of REPREVE performance fibers,” said Kevin Hall, Unifi Chairman & CEO. “We are proud to honor companies that exemplify leadership in sustainability, and who have been instrumental in helping Unifi recycle more than 10 billion bottles. We look forward to recognizing even more companies in the future as we work toward our goal of recycling 30 billion bottles by 2022.”