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glnfoundersimageConservCo has been providing hospitality clients with comprehensive water conservation consulting services since 2008.

Our approach includes a three part process:

1)    Gain an in-depth understanding of the property’s unique water use practices and specific conservation goals;
2)    Conduct a thorough water audit to determine how much water is used, and how much can be saved; and,
3)    Provide management and owners with a detailed report of our findings and recommended solutions.

We go to great lengths to understand each property’s specific circumstances by interviewing personnel in facilities & maintenance, food & beverage, housekeeping & laundry, and irrigation & landscaping.

Our audits include measuring aggregate water consumption, analyzing total cost, and identifying practical, cost-effective ways to reduce potable water use throughout the facility.

Recommendations in our final reports offer analyses of predicted water savings, estimated costs of any retrofit, and an analysis of the total return on investment of suggested retrofits.

Our main goal is to help the facility save money by reducing waste. Call (775) 747-3333 or e-mail sales@conservco.us.