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classiclogo3Classic Metal Roofing Systems is serious about providing property owners with today’s most ecological roofing choice. Roofing is one of the largest capital investments of any property. Oftentimes, it is also an ongoing maintenance expense, not to mention the negative impact that an inferior roofing system has on a building’s energy costs.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems specializes in the production of aluminum, steel, and copper roofing systems that are beautiful as well as environmentally friendly. Our aluminum roofing has 95 percent recycled content with a life expectancy of over 50 years. The special Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 finishes we use feature special pigments to reflect radiant heat. Our customers have reported energy savings of up to 20 percent and even more due to their buildings being kept naturally cooler with reduced air-conditioning costs. In a time of rising energy costs, this efficiency is money in the bank for large properties.

Our several styles of metal roofing start with traditional standing seam but go way beyond that to include shake, shingle, and slate profiles. With these products, property owners enjoy the looks of traditional roofing materials along with energy efficiency, recycled content and other environmental benefits.

We will work closely with any hotel, motel or resort property owner to determine the best roof to meet your needs. If we do not feel that one of our products is your best choice, we will refer you elsewhere. We believe that roofing is a serious subject. Taken seriously, your roof will be an asset to your property, not an ongoing expense. To learn more, call 800-543-8938 or e-mail todd@classicroof.com.