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CE_ComfortExcellenceLogoCarrier Enterprise (CE) is a leading provider of temperature and energy control technologies for the lodging industry, commercial and residential properties. With hospitality-specific HVAC and energy management solutions from Gree, Founten and TopTech brands, CE has the products hotels need to take control of their indoor air quality energy spend and reclaim lost profits on their bottom lines.

The Gree Engineered Terminal Air Conditioner, or E-TAC, was designed to meet the rigorous demands of hotel temperature control. Backed by the longest standard warranty in the industry, Gree’s E-TAC offers a dry mode, pre-programmed setpoint limits and low energy consumption rates to put energy regulation and savings back into hoteliers’ hands. All E-TAC products are remote-controlled and wireless-compatible. Its aero-quiet fan with silencing technology along with programmable sleep timer mode makes E-TAC ideal for hotel guestrooms.

For properties of all sizes in need of a more comprehensive solution to HVAC energy management, Founten products employ wireless and Cloud technology that bridge the price and capability gap between standalone programmable thermostats and direct digital control systems. Featuring an integrated wireless networking capability to significantly reduce installation and configuration costs, Founten’s thermostats are capable of automatically managing efficiency of all types of HVAC equipment. The system’s nerve center is the Cloud-based Founten Site Manager, which provides real-time management and control, continuous data tracking, complete analysis and reporting.

CE can also help hotels enhance their guests’ experience by eliminating unhealthy indoor environments with the PTAC Air Knight air purification system. This unit reduces odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, mold, bacteria and viruses in both the air and on surfaces using an advanced oxidation process. The Air Knight air purification system was built specifically to meet the needs of hotel and healthcare facilities and can be easily mounted in a variety of air-conditioning systems.

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