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Buy an Ad, Plant a Tree!


Well, actually five trees! Each time a display ad or Green Product & Service Directory listing is purchased (click here for advertising info.), Green Lodging News will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation’s Trees for America reforestation project. Each donation will purchase five trees for the United States’ reforestation efforts in places such as Montana, Oregon and California.

In recent years, lingering extreme drought conditions have set the stage for wildfires. Millions of acres of forestland have burned, forcing residents to evacuate and creating a loss of habitat and food sources for many species of wildlife. In many areas, few living trees remain, and reforestation efforts will be necessary to restore many damaged forests to a healthy state.

The Arbor Day Foundation is committed to restoring America’s national forests so this and future generations can enjoy their benefits. You can help, too, by supporting the Trees for America program. The trees you help plant will grow to provide habitat and food for wildlife, restore beauty to the landscape, clean rivers and streams, and provide enjoyment for recreational activities like camping, hiking, and fishing. Your support will directly benefit the environment for all of us to enjoy.

Click here to access the Arbor Day Foundation website and learn how you can participate. If you make a donation because of your visit to this page, contact Glenn Hasek, publisher and editor of Green Lodging News, at editor@greenlodgingnews.com, to let him know. He will add your tree planting total to the total below. Be sure to return to this Web page frequently to learn how many trees supporters of Green Lodging News have helped to plant.

Tree planting count as of October 20, 2009: 1,480.