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Blackhawk Offers Products to Control Fruit Flies


OREGON, OHIO—Fruit flies can sustain themselves on a vast range of nutrients and can live on sink or floor drain slime, a sour mop or from fermenting food in the cracks of the floor. Blackhawk Tool and Machine LLC introduces ECO-TRIO, designed to stop fruit flies where they breed with a three product system comprised of ECO-DRAIN, ECO-SINK AND ECO-FLOOR. They attack the cause of many kitchen problems, rather than the effect, and offer a solution to the age old fruit fly and grease build-up problem.

Beginning with ECO-DRAIN, it features a delivery mechanism which continuously releases a proprietary all-natural enzyme, bacteria and oil formulation that eliminates the larval breeding area and breaks down complex grease and organic materials poured into drains. The formula clings to the sides of pipes and drains preventing reoccurring germination of fruit or drain flies and malodors from organic wastes, leaving only a lemon fragrance behind. Minimal maintenance is required. Simply place ECO-DRAIN in the drain and replace when disk is completely gone.

ECO-SINK is the counterpart to ECO-DRAIN which too features an innovative delivery mechanism with the same proprietary formulation and properties, but is designed especially for sinks.

ECO-FLOOR is the third product behind the ECO-TRIO System. ECO-FLOOR focuses on grease and food waste accumulating on the floor, in grout and cracks, around the drains, under equipment, and in hard to reach areas. Decaying waste on the floor can quickly become odorous, attracting fruit flies, roaches, and other disease spreading parasites. ECO-FLOOR is a proprietary blend of surface active agents including active bacteria to break down the toughest grease, fatty acids and soil. Regular use reduces slippery floors, grease build-up and maintains an odor-free and deep-cleaning floor which keeps working long after the floor mop is put away on both the floor and mop head. Plus as one rinses away ECO-FLOOR it then goes to work on the floor drains too.

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